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Sandstone is a natural stone that exists very close to the earth's surface. Name is derived from 'sand', which is the main component of the stone.

Grains like sand, quartz and feldspar, from various rocks and plain land (mostly deserts) are eroded by water, wind, ice, and other means in the form of erosion and weathering. These eroded grains accumulate at places to form large, hard deposits on the surface of the land (in a desert), or on the bottom of water bodies (in a river or sea). When a lot of grains accumulated at a certain place, they start forming a compressed body because of the pressure of the overlaying deposits. At that time, cements such as calcite, clay or silica reach between the grains either through precipitation, or by alteration of the grains themselves under pressure. These cements bind the grains to each other, forming a very dense and hard rock that we know as Sandstone.

Sandstone is very rich in two of the most commonly found minerals on the earth's surface – quartz and feldspar. Since Sandstone is formed through erosion of grains from a particular region, it always has its unique characteristics that represent the properties of soil and rocks of that region. This inheritance is most reflected in the color, texture and composition of the stone. Much like sand, sandstone can be any color, ranging from beige, yellow, red to black.

There are six basic types of sandstone, according to the composition and purity. Based on the grains that form over 90% of the composition of the stones, we have Quartz Sandstone, Feldspathic Sandstone, and Lithic Sandstone. The pores of all these types of sandstone can either be filled with mud, or be clean and open to allow percolation. When the pores are filled with a mud matrix instead of cement, we get Wackes type of Sandstone, which is considered impure. When the pores are open, and later entirely filled with cement matrix, we get Arenite Sandstone, which is the pure form of the stone.

Due to undergoing years of pressure and hardening, the Sandstone is formed into a very dense, durable and tough rock. It is acidic and thermal resistant, and undergoes a negligible amount of weathering and erosion. As a result of all these properties, the artifacts and buildings created out of sandstone easily stand the test of time. The stone is also soft, and can be formed into any desired shape.

Presently, based on our requirements, this stone can be forged for any use, including kitchen slabs and counters, garden statues and fountains, pathways and tiles to be used indoors or outdoors. Sandstone can also be conditioned and filtered according to the need of the environment and the look it is being used to produce.

Sandstone has been used since pre-historic times to create a variety of things. Because of its softness, it could be chiseled to form anything from ornamental decorations to statues and doorways. It has also been used to build houses, monuments, temples and cathedrals.

Sandstone is available in many colors and types such as: Agra Red, Autumn Brown, Dholpur Beige, Flowery Gold, Golden Teak Wood, Ita Gold, Kandla Grey, Desert Brown, Mandhana Red, Modak, Panather, Rainbow, Teakwood, Raj Green, Ripon, Speckle Brown, Sagar Black, Katni Yellow.

Beige Sandstone
Beige Sandstone

Our attractive ambit of Beige Sandstone is widely utilized for flooring, wall-cladding and for other decorative usage. Our offered Beige Sandstone is broadly acknowledged for a smooth finish, and anti-abrasive nature. Our manufactured Beige Sandstone is considered to be real cost-effective construction solution as they have comparatively low maintenance cost.

Brown Sandstone
Natural Brown Sandstone

We are a pioneer Supplier, Manufacturer and Exporter of Natural Brown Sandstone. Our Natural Brown Sandstones are designed and manufactured in such a way that they offer captivating designs and a never ending elegance to clients exteriors and interiors. In addition to this, we lay immense emphasis towards maintaining maximum level of quality in our offered product-line.

Indian choclate Sandstone
Choclate Sandstone

We are a pioneer Supplier, Manufacturer and Exporter of Chocolate SandstoneWe are counted among some of the dependable Suppliers and exporters of Indian domestic market. Located at Udaipur (India), we are engaged in manufacturing a quality assured array of Chocolate Sandstone. This stone provides a natural beauty to the exterior as well as interior constructions. We provide the Chocolate Sandstone in captivating color combinations

Indian grey Sandstone
Kandla Grey Sandstone

With huge industrial expertise and experience, we have secured a decent position as a Kandla Grey Natural Sandstone Supplier, Manufacturer and Exporter of India. With the help of ultramodern technology and machinery, we hone and polish the Kandla Grey Sandstone. Our offered Kandla Grey Sandstone is majorly used as water tables, sills, and coping in cubic sections.

Indian mint Sandstone
Mint Fossil Sandstone

We are counted as a premier Exporter and Manufacturer of Mint Fossil Sandstonein india. We make use of technologically advanced equipments and tools which gives us the strengthen our capability to adequately carve the edges of the Mint Fossil Sandstone. Our provided range of Mint Fossil Sandstones, is developed using optimum quality raw materials secured from some of the leading vendors of the industry.

Panther Sandstone
Panther Sandstone

With our sheer motive to offer unmatched quality products to clients in a committed time period, we have become a prominent Panther Sandstone manufacturer, supplier and exporter of our domain. In order to manufacture flawless range of Panther Sandstone for our esteemed clients spread across the nation. To offer these quality assured range of products, we are bestowed with all the latest equipments and amenities.

Pink Sandstone
Pink Sandstone

Owing to astonished expertise of our efficient team, we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a comprehensive ambit of Pink Sandstones. These stones are broadly acknowledged for their high gloss, polished to perfection, and longer service life. Our product ambit is easily available in various specifications, sizes as per the requirements of our valued customers.

Indian Sandstone colours
Rainbow Sandstone

We are a trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Rainbow Sandstone. Available in different thicknesses and sizes, our designed and offered array of Rainbow Sandstone has gained immense popularity among our clients. The Rainbow Sandstones offered by us, are well honed with ultimate precision which makes them quite resistant to slipperiness.

Indian Sandstone colours
Raj Green Sandstone

Broadly appreciated for flooring, roofing and paneling purposes, our array of Raj Green Sandstone has undoubtedly carved a distinct niche for itself in this highly competitive market. Our adept team of professionals work real hard to achieve accurate hand-cut edges in the Raj Green Sandstone. We are an eminent Exporter,Manufacturer, and Supplier of Raj Green Sandstone which are widley utilized for exterior landscaping jobs.

Indian Sandstone red
Agra Red Sandstone

In addition to the variegated assortment of products, we are engaged in offering an exclusive ambit of optimum quality Agra Red Sandstone for our honored clients. The captivating Agra Red Sandstone is broadly demanded by our international and domestic client spread across the globe. We are supported by a competent team of skilled craftsmen who put in their 100% potential to bring forth alluring patterns and designs of Agra Red Sandstone.

Indian Sandstone
Rippon Sandstone

Being a dependable Supplier,Manufacturer, and Exporter of Rippon Sandstone, we believe in maintaining flawless quality of in our offered ambit of Rippon Sandstone. These sandstones are highly demanded and accepted across the world for their accurate machine cut edges. Superior polishing and Smooth finishing of the Rippon Sandstones are best available option to intensify beauty of any given interiors as well as exteriors of residential and commercial establishment.