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Limestone is a biochemical, carbonate sedimentary rock. The term Limestone is derived from Latin word 'Limus', which means 'shiny stone'. This natural stone is soft, heavy with a very rich and magnificent look.

Limestone is formed in the depths of water, usually shallow and calm marine water. Shells, skeletons and remains of marine shelled animals, corals and other marine life, along with sand and grains found in the water-bed along these areas get accumulated under the water over time. This accumulation results into formation of a compressed rigid body because of the pressure of the overlaying deposits. Since the shells of most marine animals are made of calcite and aragonite, these two crystalline forms of calcium carbonates form the main components of this natural stone.

Limestone also consists of silica in the form of crystallized silica-rich sedimentary rock-blocks and siliceous skeletal fragments from the marine animals. It may also contain the sand, silt, clay that flows in and settles down on the deposits during the formation of the natural stone.

Limestone is soft, porous and very heavy. Due to its enormous weight, it is not used in tall buildings and skyscrapers as building stone. Instead, thin sheets of this natural stone are used as a decorative stone in these buildings. When subjected to high pressure of winds, water or ice, fragments of limestone get easily eroded. It is also highly soluble in water and acidic solutions.

Since it is hard, durable and easily found as surface exposures in parts of the earth, Limestone has been used since the beginning of civilization to make artifacts, carve statues, and construct monuments and buildings. Numerous buildings with religious and cultural significance like cathedrals, chapels, monasteries have used limestone as the building material. It has even been used in the Great Pyramids of Giza as one of the building stones.

Limestone has found innumerable uses in the present times. It is used largely for building houses all over the world, specially in Europe and North America. It is also used for making decorative artifacts, fountains, statues, pathways for distinctive outdoor designing. Limestone is extensively used as the major material for office and home furnishing. The durability of the stone makes it an idol choice for making counter-tops, kitchen tops, cabinets, slabs, tiles, and for other indoor furnishings. The calcite crystals in limestone show a unique chemical property under which the stone becomes water-resistant as the temperature increases. Owing to this property of the natural stone, it can be used for various purposes in heated baths and spas.

Limestone is also used as a raw material for making cement, mortar and quicklime. Being rich in calcium carbonates, it is also used in food products such as breads and cereals as a source of natural calcium. Limestone is also used in crushed form to neutralize acidic soil. Because of heat resistance and durability, it is used in coal mines to suppress methane explosions, as well as in blast furnaces to extract iron from its ore while withstanding the heat and pressure of the mines and the furnaces.

Limestone is available in many types and colors, including K. Blue, K. Brown, Lime Black, Lime Pink, Lime Green, Lime Peacock, T. Blue, T. Yellow, etc.

Limestone is a very heavy stone, and also heat and pressure resistant, it is resistant to smears and heat damage. Therefore it can easily tolerate the heat of very hot utensils. But because of the manner in which the internal crystalline structure of this natural is formed, it is very easily harmed by acids. It is very important to keep this stone clean and stain free. In case of spills, clean the counter tops as soon as possible to avoid permanent stains.

indian Limestone
Black Limestone
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